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Jan 19, 2004

i love my pb SO much.

and i <3 *him*



Posted at 06:25 pm by _tOxiC_kiSS_
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im obsessed.

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. omg i dont remember...ahh thats bad lol
First person you kissed: michael  
Last song you sang: toxic
Last song stuckin your head: toxic
Last person chatted with: jaCoB =)
What's in your CD player: school x-mas CD  
What color socks are you wearing: im not wearing any
What's under your bed: lots of stuff...but shh dont tell lol
What time did you wake up today: around 11
What's playing on your TV: friends
How many close friends do you have: hmm maybe like 5 or so
How many enemies do you have: ....dunno...

Who do you want to marry: i dunno...= /
Where do you want to live: cali. or florida
What is your career going to be: haha umm i have NO idea
How many kids do you want: 3
Kids' names: rebecca ( girl ), and i dunno about a boys name
Where do you want your honeymoon : somewhere warm and pretty!
What kind of car will you have: woahh...haha jeep!

Name: Alicia
Nicknames: ali, lubester, moo, jelly (( muhaha )), licia
Address: im not telling you!
Birthday: December 17, 1988
Birthplace: a hospital
Siblings: none
Best Friends: leah, mary, tova, ashley, steph
Marital Status: single...but i like someone =)
Pets: one cat and one dog
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: bluee-green
Glasses/Contacts: yes  both
Height: 5'5''
Piercings: ears
Tattoos: none..yet
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: righty
What's one thing you would change about yourself?: lots
What's one thing you like about yourself?: umm my eyes maybe
What's your clothing style?: anything thats looks good
Goal in Life: toooo i dotn know
Song to describe your life: hmm
Five words to describe yourself: nice, uh special ed..lol i dunno

Best Girl Friend: mary and leah
Best Guy Friend: mark
Where can you usually be found?: with leah
Who would you be with?: ? what
Are you the center of attention?: no
Are you timely or always late?: um depends
Where's the best hangout?: idk tc..haha
Do you like being around people or being alone?: depends what kind of mood
What's your biggest turn on in the opposite sex?: body, hair, eyes, smile
What's your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?: body hair...ugh.
Last person you kissed: kevin

Have you known the longest?: stephanie
Do you argue the most with?: hm kyle
Do you always get along with?: leah
Is the most trustworthy?: all my true friends
Makes you laugh the most?:  leah
Always has a man/woman?: donno
Is the most sensitive?: non
Biggest loser?: ME!
Has the coolest house?: LEAH! haha i love it =)
Has the coolest car?: uhhh
Is the most encouraging?: MARY
Is the shyest?: huum none are shy lol
Is the most outgoing?: probably um jullie
Is the most rebellious?: jullie
Is the laziest?: me =)
Is the most conservative?: donno
Is most likely to become famous?: leah..cuz shes BEAUTIFUL! =) =)
Is most likely to become rich ?: all of them..hehe =)

Posted at 05:06 pm by _tOxiC_kiSS_
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=) mehh

woahhh this weekend has kicked my ass...=)

FriDay niGht

i went over to leah weahs house and we got ready and then we went up to TC like we do all the time cuz we kick YOUR ass...hehe anyways we met up with jaCoB, tony, and donovan. we also saw john, cole, natalie, and evan. woah woah. but anyways ya we all chilled up there and then me and leah left and went back to her house..and i spent the night it was a party!

saTuRdaY nIGht

hmm me and leah went to oak park mall and we bought some clothes =) yay i love shopping...its a blast. whee well we got the same pants from american eagle yay now we REALLY are twins...whoop and i bought pants and a shirt from hollister. and we saw bethany whee i love her! and heather and her friend. it was a big party at the mall. yay. then we came back to my house and chilled for a lil bit. always fun then her daddy-o came to pick her up. and i was left alone..sad.=(

SUnday NIght

hmm okay well i did NOTHING...wheee i just stayed home and i was almost like crying cuz i couldnt go see jacob and hang out with him...sad days...but then i really cried cuz my leah couldnt spend the night..ahhh but ya anways..lol i talked to them all night and i was like party! what what and ya it was a GOOD night...but i cant really talk about why it was soo good...mehh lol <33


hmmm okay well today i didnt really do anything i woke up at 11 which is REALLY early for me...lol and no one was on so i just watched tv and ate and hung out with myself...meh always a good time...hehe and now im just sittin hurr talking to some peeps and ya thats all.

im out. peace love and boxer briefs.

i <3 you.

Posted at 04:28 pm by _tOxiC_kiSS_
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